UK Subs: Endangered Species 12"

New Red Archives Records


Man, when I saw this bad boy was still in print I just HAD to grab a few copies for the distro. This is one of my favorite records to put on when people are hanging out at my house, because inevitably each person's ears will perk up and they'll say, "what IS this? It rules!" When I tell them it's the 5th UK Sub albums they generally stare back at me like I said it's a Celine Dion album. Anyway, you might know the Subs' early stuff like "I Live in a Car," but this is way better... tough, mostly mid-paced punk with riffs and huge choruses for miles. If you like 70s UK punk of just about any variety you will love this album... just trust me... this is an unheralded classic. New Red Archives Records

Tags: 80s oi! reissues UK UK82