Udusic: demo cassette



KILLER demo tape from this new Chicago band. The only indication of what this is going to sound like based on the packaging is a note saying "RIP Mark Sheehan" on the inside of the sleeve. Of course Mark was the singer of Out Cold, and while Udusic are not nearly as stripped-down as Out Cold were you can definitely hear the influence, particularly in Sarah's mega-pissed vocals. You can also hear it in a riff here and there, but there's a lot more lead guitar here... the leads are great, slightly twisted in the vein of something like Needles or Die Kreuzen (and there's a lot of Ginn influence too!), but maybe a touch more metallic. Basically, if you like your hardcore tough, catchy, and unpretentious you need to pick this up. Total banger!

Tags: chicago female-fronted hardcore midwest recommended ushc