Tyrannamen: S/T 12"

Cool Death Records

$16.20 $18.00

The infectious debut album from TYRANNAMEN is a great slice of melodic and powerful Australian punk. Rooted in a similar rhythm-and-blues background as groups like Big Star and Reigning Sound, TYRANNAMEN's eponymous debut has just the right balance of harmony and grit. Eight well-penned, soulful rock'n'roll cuts packed full of hooks and delivered with raw, primal confidence. Cool Death Records.

Our take: Debut LP from this Australian band playing a hybrid of garage-punk and soul music. It's not a new thing--Reigning Sound has been at it for a few years now--but the huge success of Royal Headache has given this particular sound a higher profile as of late. While Tyrannamen don't quite have the vocal chops of Royal Headache, they do know their way around a catchy punk rock tune. This feels like the kind of band that's going places... sort of like with the early Black Lips releases, you can tell that even though there's nothing obvious separating this band from their contemporaries, there's a certain je ne sais quoi that allows you to picture this band being played in a TV commercial or at the super bowl or something like that. So, get in the ground floor now, because the elevator is bound to go up...
Tags: 10s australia garage melodic punk recommended yoobl