Ty Segall: Manipulator 12"

Drag City Records


Sorry State has been carrying Ty Segall's records since back when we couldn't give them away, and like a lot of people I always liked him a lot but thought he was capable of just a little bit more. Well, Manipulator is that more... reading the press leading up to this album Segall talked a lot about how he took his time with this one and it really shows. He used to bury his melodies in so much fuzz that it took a lot of effort on the listener's part to pick them out (not to mention the lofty task of wading through his huge discography), but on this record everything is right up front, waiting to be loved. Admittedly it's not as furious as some of his other stuff, but this sort of rootsy glam sound (I'd compare it to records like Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World or Lou Reed's Transformer) is such a great framework for Segall and every song is a legit hit. This is a big record and will likely be all over NPR, Pitchfork, etc. in the months to come (and on those respective publications' year-end best-of lists too, I'm sure), but it's legit enough for those of us in the underground as well. Until he makes a better record, but position is that this is the Ty Segall you want in your collection.

Tags: 10s garage gb325 glam indie melodic recommended yoobl