Truthers: Demo cassette



New NC band with ex-members of Silent Lunch.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new-ish band out of Durham, North Carolina. I'm not sure if it's a direct influence or not, but I'd place Truthers squarely in the Wire branch of punk's family tree... since they're a band in the year 2016 there are any number of reference points between 1977 and now (or maybe even before?) that you could drop, but whether you're talking modern bands like Parquet Courts, 90s bands like Pavement, or 80s bands like the early Feelies stuff, to me this is just screams Wire... the minimal sound (with a very clean, undistorted guitar tone), lots of interplay between the guitar and the bass, fast and propulsive drums with lots of 16th notes, and deadpan vocals that are somehow still very melodic and catchy... it's a sound that's much more difficult to pull off than it might seem on the surface, but Truthers knock it out of the park. If you're into any of the aforementioned bands I'd strongly encourage you to check this out. And dig that killer artwork from Thomas Sara (Menthol, Holder's Scar, the Pose) too!
Tags: indie melodic north carolina post-punk punk yoobl