Trenches: 2014 cassette



Second cassette from this burly Bay Area hardcore band. Much like their first demo, Trenches play burly, heavy hardcore in the tradition of bands like Poison Idea and Negative Approach. The music is loud, fast, and with lots of interesting riffs and changes, but the real star here is the vocalist, whose burly bellow recalls genre greats like John Brannon and Jerry A as well as the best of the best modern vocalists, like Mark from Wasted Time / Mercy Killings. I usually think of Bay Area bands as being a bit more restrained and intellectual, but Trenches have the full-bore intensity of east coast greats both classic and modern. A real bruiser with a great, heavy yet nasty recording. If you're into the kind of stuff on labels like Beach Impediment, Painkiller, or Warthog Speak you'll definitely want to give this a listen.

Tags: 10s bay area california hardcore ushc