Trauma Harness: Halloween 12" (new)

Lumpy Records


The three halloween tapes get the proper treatment. So little time left to prepare for the season ! Screen printed jackets. LR67

Our take: Trauma Harness's punky death rock sound makes them something of an odd fit for Lumpy Records, but I'm really glad that this stuff is making it into the world because it's totally killer. In general, Trauma Harness's sound reminds me a lot of Only Theatre of Pain-era Christian Death... not only does the vocalist sound a bit like Rozz Williams at times, but also the music walks a similar line between punk and death rock. As good as Trauma Harness are at that sound, though, my favorite moments on this LP--which collects three of their releases from Lumpy's long-running series of Halloween cassingles--are the ones when they deviate from that formula. First of all, there's their cover the Siege song "Grim Reaper" (the one with the saxophone), which they manage to make even creepier sounding than the original. And then there's the band's experiments with more ambient soundtrack-type music (there's even a cover of a John Carpenter piece here), which are, in my opinion, even better than their rock songs. Seriously, someone should pass tapes of these tracks to some people in Hollywood, because one or more of the members of Trauma Harness has serious potential scoring films. While it may sound from this description like this record is all over the place (and one might even expect that given that it compiles work created over a span of four years), there's a strong common thread of "spooky" running through everything, which makes sense given the Halloween theme. And even though this thing is being unleashed in February, I still can't stop playing it.
Tags: 10s punk raw recommended synth-punk yoobl