Trash Knife: S/T cassette



Brand new cassette from this killer Philadelphia band!

Our take: Second cassette from this Philadelphia band, and while I loved their first one, this one is even better. In case you didn't check them out before, I'd put Trash Knife in a similar category to bands like Neighborhood Brats, Norway's Dark Times, or my own band No Love, i.e. bands that kind of fall in this little grey area between punk and hardcore, playing songs that are fast and heavy like hardcore but still catchy, even melodic, in places. Really, what it sounds like is first-gen hardcore that essentially sounded like a sped-up version of punk... think bands like the Adolescents, Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans, Zero Boys... and I dare say that Trash Knife's songwriting and performance are worthy of those extremely lofty comparisons. In particular, the guitarwork has gotten really sophisticated on this tape... every song is packed full of these catchy leads that serve as interesting melodic counterpoints to both the main riff and the vocal melodies, both of which are uniformly noteworthy as well. If you like any of the aforementioned current bands, then Trash Knife should really be on your radar as they might be the best of the group. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore punk recommended