Tragiedia: 88-89 12"

Todo Destruido Records


Discography of all of the cassette releases from this enigmatic Polish punk band. Like a lot of people, I suppose, the only reason I know Tragiedia's name is because Post Regiment covered a whole bunch of their songs on their final album. I thought I remembered reading that Post Regiment did all of those covers because strong studio material from Tragiedia didn't exist, but I must have been wrong about that because this LP sounds great! In the brief liner notes the vocalist writes that "there's nothing original about us," and I suppose one could argue that that's the case, but this is really interesting nonetheless. Tragiedia definitely fall in line with the weirder end of the 80s hardcore aesthetic... I'm thinking of bands like Untied Mutation, early Tar Babies, Ratcage-era Rattus, Cheeta Chrome Motherfuckers... I could go on and on, but you get the point... these are all bands that are definitely consistently loud and fast, but have a way of writing riffs and putting together songs that is just slightly askew. It seems as if Tragiedia had hit upon this aesthetic by the time they recorded and it stays fairly consistent throughout the two demos collected on this record. Basically, if you're into obscure 80s European hardcore this is a document that is well worth hearing and owning.
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