Tožibabe: Dezuje 7"

Ne! Records


Very cool reissue of the lone 7" by this all-lady band from Yugoslavia. A few years ago we had a rather budget-looking unofficial version of this single, but this version trumps it in pretty much every way. Musically, this thing is just great... fast, dark, and well-written punk songs with tons of energy and atmosphere. Some moments are more in the vein of Eastern Bloc punk, but they were clearly also taking some influence from bands like Joy Division and Siouxsie & the Banshees as well. The music here is certainly awesome, but the packaging is as well... it comes with a full-color, 7"-sized booklet that brings together a ton of liner notes, press clippings, and photos in much the same way as the recent Agnostic Front No One Rules LP on Radio Raheem. It's certainly expensive for a 7" (even an import), but when you get this in your hands you'll quickly see why. This is definitely a record you should hear if you're into 80s European punk, have a particular interest in all-lady punk bands, or just want to hear a ripper of a record.

Tags: 80s female-fronted hardcore punk recommended reissues