Tozcos: S/T 7"

Verdugo Discos


Great debut 7" from Santa Ana's Tozcos. This EP contains five raging tracks. Musically, they may remind one of Toreros After Ole or perhaps Svart Framtid but Tozcos are a sound distinct from anything else. The bass lines are unforgettable and the drumming is superb. Monse's vocals provide the perfect complement to each jam. This is one of the best bands to come out of Southern California in recent memory.

Our take: After a killer demo here's the debut vinyl from California's Tozcos. The label drops a comparison to one of my personal favorites, Svart Framtid, in their description of this record, and I definitely see what they mean. (They also mention the great Toreros After Ole, which is pretty much spot on.) Tozcos operate at a similar tempo that, when you think about it, is pretty much blisteringly fast, but it's executed so tightly and with such big hooks that it can feel more like punk than hardcore. Really, I guess that this is punk with its intensity level dialed to the absolutely maximum... they also remind me a good bit of Criaturas, but rawer, grittier, and with a bit of oi! in their sound. This fits right in with the raw and catchy sounds coming out of the current southern California hardcore scene, and if you're keeping an eye on those bands this is mandatory listening.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore punk recommended