Toupee: Leg Toucher 12"

Moniker Records

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"Representing Chicago’s robust network of outsider artists and house punks, Toupee spare no one from their sharpened, penetrating vision on Leg Toucher. From behind their masks, they lend observations to their listener. They offer heightened sensations that hide nothing. Toupee lurk beneath gentle and ferocious vocals and wicked sonic blowouts, piercing their listener with their glare.

Placing slow, soft frequencies against frantic, unchained crashes, Toupee carefully extract the supernatural from mundane life. This sublime sense results from a refusal to be silent while facing pain or decay, which are two key elements of the quartet’s alchemy. Toupee spin otherworldly punk tales from drowning rhythms and hidden current.

Dynamic, wide-ranging voices and propulsive, deliberate instrumental interplay amplify those heightened sensations. Intense stage energy translates into unexpected twists. Ghouls sing, as does innocent youth. Toupee bring their listener to fragile edges of glass, into sticky, swampy muck, and rapid transit. Leg Toucher will give you the chance to unmask those transformations in everyday life." 

Tags: 10s 65804 female-fronted melodic noisy post-punk punk recommended yoobl