Totally Slow: Bleed Out 12"

Negative Fun Records

$10.20 $12.00

2nd full length from these North Carolina melodic punks.

Our take: Second album from this North Carolina punk band. I can see why they aren't really on the radar of the DIY scene that Sorry State seems to focus its attention toward because they're a bit more melodic and more polished than what we tend to hype up, but particularly on this second album I do think they're worthy of your attention, particularly if your tastes cross over into the realm of heavy, melodic punk of the type championed by Razorcake and labels like No Idea. Their first album was heavy on the broad, bright melodies, but Bleed Out is an altogether darker affair, making use of more grit and heaviness in the songwriting, and wrapping it in a beefier, slightly rawer recording (I like that distortion on the vocals!) to match. I'm reminded of a lot of things... Leatherface, Alkaline Trio, Dillinger Four, some of Jawbreaker's punkier moments... basically, this is music for people who like big guitars and big choruses but avoid the overtly saccharine. Like I said, if your tastes swing in that direction at all, this one is highly recommended.
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