Token Entry: From Beneath The Streets 12"

Mad at the World Records


Mad at the World records has put this bad boy back in print for the first time in a long while. I've always thought Token Entry were kind of a weird band... based on the drawing on the front cover of this record you would think they were total Youth of Today-style youth crew, and while they are a fast hardcore band they're not really youth crew at all to my ears. To me, they kind of sound like if you took the more polished and melodic sound of Gorilla Biscuits and threw it in a blender with the dive bomb-drenched NYHC sound of bands like Breakdown. In other words, these are simple, catchy hardcore songs with tough vocals and little metallic guitar flourishes all over the place. It seems like there were a lot of bands like this floating around the northeastern US in the late 80s... Hogan's Heroes is another one that comes immediately to mind. It's definitely a real period piece, enhanced by the excellent reproduction of the original artwork and quality mastering.

Tags: 80s hardcore nyhc reissues sxe USHC yoobl