Tied Down: Demo + 2 cassette

Black Dots


Re-release of the 2012 demo by this straight edge band from Buffalo, NY. I know the term youth crew can refer to a range of sounds, from tuff NYHC to pretty wimpy Gorilla Biscuits-type stuff, but Tied Down play exactly the kind of youth crew I like. You can definitely feel the influence of Youth of Today really heavily (and of course that's really only one step away from the Abused, Antidote, et al), but Tied Down can play better and write more memorable riffs and songs than early Youth of Today, which I kind of always hated. They actually remind me a lot of this 90s band from Cleveland called Committed that put out a really great demo, though you could make comparisons to any of the classic youth crew era bands like Side by Side, Wide Awake, etc... but again, with tighter playing and tougher production I think Tied Down rip harder than just about any of those bands. Absolute top-notch youth crew, in other words.

Tags: 10s hardcore sXe