Thrashers: S/T 7"

Signaler Frí«n Ovan

$2.00 $6.50

Debut record from this new Swedish HC band. Man, this band BLAZES... right up there with UX Vileheads, Instí_ngd, and Negative Lifestyle as some of the best retro HC coming out of Sweden right now, though these guys are a bit wilder and more punk than any of those bands. Like a lot of SFO's records, this is on a color vinyl, 1-sided flexi and is EXTREMELY limited, but the band cram 6 HC ragers onto this vinyl to maximize bang for your buck. If you dig any of the bands mentioned in this description this one is HIGHLY recommended. Signaler Frí«n Ovan Records

Tags: 10s bfsale Scandinavia USHC