The Wrong: Technology cassette

Not Normal Records


The Wrong. What can I say about this band that I haven't already lavished upon them before? Contrary to what they'd have you believe, they were the best, a bright shining beacon in a murky sea of bullshit. A flamboyant, raucous, irreverent, nihilistic cure for your hardcore ennui! True believers, basements shook when the Wrong stepped up so here's your chance to bring summa that home. Comes with one "Wrong" brand prophylactic and screen-printed J-card. FFO: The pogo.

Our take: Well, the cover art for this tape--which features two Sponebob-like figures having doggystyle sex--and the fact that it comes with a band-branded condom (featuring the same image) is a pretty good indication that the Wrong aren't taking themselves too seriously. Dig deeper into the music and you'll find some slightly goofy, sarcastic pogo punk. If this were really slickly produced I could imagine it sounding like the Adicts or something, but since this is nice and raw it sounds more like Asta Kask or other classic pogo punk. However, those helium-high vocals are going to be a love 'em or hate 'em proposition for most people. If you could deal with the Vaginors or the Wankys you'll be able to get on board, but if you found those bands too goofy you should probably save yourself some trouble and pass on this one.
Tags: 10s hardcore pogo yoobl