The Wipers: Nome Noma 7"

Mean Bean Records


Not to be confused with the much more famous Portland band of the same name, Meanbean Records' debut release is a reissue of the 1980 single by this obscure Toronto punk band. I hadn't heard of this before the reissue, which is surprising because this is a top-notch early punk record from a city with a well-known scene. Maybe it was that this record was a bit behind the times... by 1980 the original '77 punk scene that this single owes its clearest sonic debt to was dying out and making way for hardcore, of which you'll find none here. However, if your idea of punk is bands like Teenage Head, the Pointed Sticks, Lost Kids, Buzzcocks, etc., these two tracks will hit your sweet spot. Definitely recommended for all of you '77 punk / KBD heads out there.

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