The Terrorists: Crazy Life 7" (new)

Going Underground Records


Reissue of this uber-rarity from early 80s Bakersfield, California. When I say uber-rarity I mean it... apparently there are only around 50 copies of this in circulation and I don't even want to think of what one might sell for. As for the music, it's totally simple, gnarly punk with a drum machine. They don't really push the drum machine angle... it's fairly low in the mix, and could probably be mistaken for a live drummer if you weren't paying to much attention. The riffs are simple, aggressive, and distorted, reminding me a bit of the early Metal Urbain stuff, but there are some interesting vocal harmonies that hint at what some of the UKDIY bands were doing a few years earlier. It almost sounds to me like Television Personalities or O-Level if, instead of being obsessed with the Jam and Syd Barrett, were instead really into the early Riot City Records. Definitely a period piece, but one of interest to fans of raw early US punk.

Tags: '77 & KBD 80s noisy raw