The Terminal Five: 3x5 cassette

Feel It Records

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Three fresh cuts of loud punk rock from Richmond’s best new export, THE TERMINAL FIVE. Four SLUGZmembers kept together after the group disbanded, resulting in a new rock’n’roll unit designed to flat out destroy. On 3x5, THE TERMINAL FIVE zero in on a sound that draws from the best 70's punk, applying a solid appreciation for the powerful songwriting and playing present on degenerate rock records like Killer and Raw Power. With the recent addition of Jarrett from SATAN’S SATYRS on guitar, THE TERMINAL FIVE are already hard at work on a proper album. Tapes come professionally duplicated and printed for best results

Our take: Debut recording from this new band out of Richmond, and they're going big right out of the gate. Featuring members of a ton of notable Richmond acts (as well as the guitar player for Satan's Satyrs(!)), the Terminal Five is a bunch of scene veterans who know exactly what they want to do, and it sounds like it. The recording is clear, powerful, and better than most bands' debut full-length LPs. As for the music, it's a kind of rock-infused punk that's been pretty popular in Richmond for several years now with the post-No Way Records scene. It's not a million miles from what the Southside Stranglers were up to, but I think that comparison sells it a little bit short as the Terminal Five seem much more polished and put together than the Stranglers ever did. Still, this is definitely one for people who like a distinct sprinkling of rock in their punk, but if you can get down with anything from the FU's Do We Really Want to Hurt You? to Annihilation Time's II you'll definitely be able to pump your fist along with this.
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