The System: Thought Control 12"

Skuld Records


Last copies! The System formed in the summer of 1980 having messed around in various other bands since 1978. In 1981 they met a band called Flux Of Pink Indians, who helped them make their first single - the "Warfare" ep. This was very successful and contained their anthem - "the dogs of war“. By mid 1981 they were touring with Flux Of Pink Indians and the legendary CRASS. They followed up with their second single - "The system is murder". By this time they were being recognized all over the UK, Europe and the USA. Soon the album would follow and here it is! Sorry it is a bit late but politics never change. It's as relevant today as it would have been then. New pressing in a normal sleeve!

Our take: Discography LP from this early 80s anarcho-punk band. Though the System aren't one of the big names, this is a really solid LP, leaning slightly toward the more traditionally song-oriented end of the anarcho-punk spectrum (which is honestly my favorite kind of anarcho). This will definitely appeal to fans of Zounds, the Mob, and comparable vintage early 80s UK anarcho. Perhaps it doesn't transcend the genre, but it's a fine example of it if you're into this style.
Tags: 70s 80s anarcho anarcho-punk reissues uk