The Submissives: demo cassette

Televised Suicide Records


The Submissives are a new band, only having a handful of shows under their belt, they play catchy hardcore punk with female vocals soaked in reverb.

Our take: Demo cassette from this Australian band. Toeing the line between hardcore punk and noise rock, the Submissives have a dense, mid-paced punk sound that reminds me very much of the Fang school of catchy yet slight dirge-y punk, but retooled for the modern era. In particular, there's a sense of moshiness to the Submissives' riffs that makes them sound really contemporary. It's not as if they have some Victory Records-style pit-clearing parts or anything, but there's just something mosh-able about these riffs. The vocals are also really strong, drenched in reverb and with a desperate, howling vibe. Extremely well-recorded and of a respectable running length, this cassette is well worth its slightly steep import price tag.
Tags: 10s australia female-fronted hardcore punk yoobl