The Sticks: No Sustain 7" (new)

The Sticks: No Sustain 7" (new)

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Four-track E.P from Brighton based post-punk experimentalists The Sticks.

The Sticks return after a three year break to continue with their disjointed and frenetic style of authentic post-punk.

Reminiscent of early 80s music movements like the C80 cassette scene and unleashing their own strange brand of Messethetics styled weirdness. The Sticks hit the listener with scratchy guitars, metronomic drum beats and pulsing bass guitar.

Fans of bands such as The Fire Engines, Josef K, The Door and Window, Danny and The Dressmakers and other Messethetics compiled rarities can't fail with this release.

Limited to 300 copies only and housed in a hand-numbered risograph fold-over sleeve.

Includes lyric inserts made by the band

Our take: Latest release from this post-punk band from Brighton, UK. The term "post-punk" can certainly encompass a broad range of sounds, but the two strands of thought in that genre that the Sticks bring together are "quirky" and "catchy." Their rhythms are kind of funky, very nimble, and certainly not very "rock..." in that respect, they remind me of groups as diverse as the Slits, the Pop Group, and certain songs by the Fall. However, while a lot of bands can focus on the zoned-out Krautrock-type influence of that kind of sound, the Sticks have a very clean sound that still puts a lot of melody up front. It's sort of like a less overtly poppy version of Sauna Youth, or perhaps Parquet Courts' more experimental moments. Regardless of what you want to compare it to, it still rules.