The Shanghais: Pretty Mean and Sick Of You Cassette

Endless Daze Records


Eight song cassette from this band out of San Francisco who play super catchy, Ramones-meets-girl-group punk. I'm super picky about this style, but when I hear a band that does it right I tend to fall head over heels for them, and Shanghais definitely hit the sweet spot. They're sort of like a mix of the super sweet melodies of Midnite Snaxxx with the slightly more propulsive, Carbonas-esque sound of the Busy Signals. Those are two bands that I absolutely adore, so comparing the Shanghais to both of them at the same time is high praise in my department. You don't get much in the way of surprises, but you don't come to this style looking for a redefinition of music, you come to it because you want some catchy hooks, and while this is catchy it's still a million times tougher and cooler than the whole saccharine, Burger Records scene. Great packaging, too, including a 3-color(!) screen printed j-card.

Tags: bubble gum pop female-fronted garage melodic power-pop punk recommended