The Secret Prostitutes: Tiger Express 12"

Torture Garden


THE SECRET PROSTITUTES' final 12"LP of returned, reused, reactionary, and retarded retirement punk. Pointy hat witch rock Indo-Tejano Oi jerks from the bayou are finally throwing in the diet Dr Pepper stained towel! 17 sobering statements on the severity of society's stupidity played at 33 point 3. Play loud and watch phone porn while the meth wears off! Front cover by Dann Miller, back cover illustration by Shaun Filley. Limited to 500 copies.

Our take: At this point I feel like the Secret Prostitutes are like the Out Cold of '77 / Killed by Death-style punk... they just keep pounding out release after release of killer punk, rarely changing their style or formula but delivering consistently high-quality results. And as with Out Cold, even though all of their releases sound relatively similar, it never sounds like they're repeating themselves. Rather, they've created a set of parameters to work within that just works for them, and for Secret Prostitutes those parameters involve upbeat rhythms, super catchy guitar leads, and vocals shouted in a remarkably high pitch. It hardly seems like there's more to be said that that... the Secret Prostitutes have totally owned this sound ever since their first record, and Tiger Express sounds as exciting and as vital as that record and all of the ones that have come in between. So, if you've heard Secret Prostitutes and liked them you'll probably realize quickly that you want all of their records, and if you haven't heard them, Tiger Express is as good a place as any to start.
Tags: 10s 77&KBD garage punk recommended