The Real Energy: Beyond Delay 12"

Erste Theke Tontrí_ger


New 12" from this Houston bands featuring members of No Talk, Secret Prostitutes, Reason of Insanity, and many more I'm sure. Of course all of those bands have a very different sound from one another, and the Real Energy is no different. They remind me of the more rock-oriented '77 UK punk bands like 999 and the UK Subs... the songs are high-energy and definitely punk, but there's a kind of classic rock songwriting sensibility on display that not a lot of bands can pull off. Basically, this is just high-energy rock and roll with classic hooks, not pandering to any particular vibe like '77 retro or garage rock... you don't hear many bands like this and it totally rages.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s garage melodic texas