The Pose: Dig an Endless Grave 7"

Warthog Speak Records


This EP is the vinyl debut of this Houston band's thud-y, ugly hardcore punk. Hard, nasty, ogreish, heavy hardcore that has flashes of metal, but isn't metallic — I mean, Tim Yo called VOID "metallic" in MRR #2, so consider that. Members of BACK TO BACK and DRESS CODE. 250 copies, all black vinyl.

Our take: Debut 7" from this Bay Area band, and it's a real ripper, standing out even on the already-crowded-with-great-hardcore Warthog Speak roster. A little bit on the weirdo tip, my favorites moments in the Pose's music are when they throw in little unexpected quirks. On the hottest track, "Pride," they have two of these little quirks: some unexpected delay on the vocals and a rad little Rudimentary Peni-style guitar lead. While it's these quirks that stand out to me on first listen, the Pose still play powerful, inventive hardcore even when it's fairly straightforward in nature. If you're into newer bands inspired by that old Zouo / Mobs type of sound (the most prominent being, of course, Blazing Eye), then this is one you should definitely check out. And dig that killer artwork from Greensboro's Thomas Sara, who also did the artwork for the Blackball 7" on Sorry State.
Tags: 10s hardcore primitive raw recommended ushc