The Pacifics: Say You Love Me 7"

Mistkafer Records


In the time between the first and yet to be released second #1's album the band pressed this super limited 7" of the original Pacifics (#1s other band) recordings. Great hook filled garage pop from Dublin Ireland. Limited to 300 copies

Our take: Debut (I believe) release from this band out of Dublin that feature two members of the #1s. In case you couldn't tell by the record's layout and the band's snazzy suits on the front cover, the inspiration here is much more in the 60s (particularly the Hamburg-era Beatles) than the 70s power pop that the #1s mine so well, but if you've heard the #1s you know these guys are excellent songwriters and that absolutely carries over here. Seth mentioned that there's a big Billy Childish vibe here and I can definitely hear that... this is very much in the vein of Thee Mighty Caesars, capturing that rare spirit of wildness and energy that so many garage and/or 60s throwback bands just aren't able to convey on record. If you're a garage / 60s head or if you love classic power pop this is one you'll want to check out.
Tags: 10s europe garage ireland melodic power-pop recommended