The Outsiders: Close Up 12" (new)

Captured Tracks Records


Reissue of this 70s UK punk band that was led by Adrian Boreland before he went on to form the Sound, one of the very best post-punk bands. As you might expect from "the punk band before the post-punk band" (as my friend Neil put it), this is a little more straightforward and guitar-oriented than the Sound stuff (even their great first record, Jeopardy), but Boreland already has the seeds of greatness in his songwriting. As a lover of '77 punk, it's great to hear his knack for hooks applied to such high-energy, guitar-oriented music. Definitely an essential reissue if you're a fan of the Sound, but anyone into tuneful, energetic '77 punk like the Lurkers or the Boys should definitely pick this up as well.

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