The Next: Make It Quick 7"

Cheap Rewards Records


Official reissue of this classic Texas KBD punk gem, and incidentally the source of Cheap Rewards Records' name. Three songs here and they're all really strong, but to me the first track, "Monotony," is the real gem. It has this really nice, simple melody and it's heavy on the bass, reminding me of the melodic songs on Wire's Pink Flag like "Mannequin" or "Fragile," but obviously much more raw. In addition to that you get "Cheap Rewards," a nice little slab of Stooges-influenced KBD, and "Mr. Wonderful," another brilliant punk tune with a subtle, Wire-esque melodic quality. I've had these tracks for years on the Deep in the Throat of Texas LP but I hadn't revisited them ages... listening now this feels like a real standout first-wave US punk single. Highly recommended.

Tags: '77 & KBD 70s melodic raw reissues