The Mons: S/T 12"



The freshman LP from a group of not-so-fresh Chicago punks. Grizzled veterans of bands including but not limited to Apocalypse Hoboken, Lynyrd’s Innards, The Mashers, Mexican Cheerleader and M.O.T.O. Cover art by Raymond Pettibon.

Our take: Debut LP from this Chicago band featuring a whole heap of ex-members. I don't really know much about these guys, but something gives me the impression that the members of this band have been around the block a few times. I find that bands with older members tend to mess with the formula a bit... they understand that punk should be loud and fast, but they're kind of over the idea of throwing together a few power chords and calling it a song. Mons definitely have elements of the straightforwardly catchy, classic Chicago punk sound best exemplified by Naked Raygun, but they also have some of that trademark hard-headed midwestern weirdness that you see in everything from Die Kreuzen to the Crucifucks. In other words, the riffs and rhythms are always slightly askew and unexpected, and the over-arching tone of the vocals is heavily sarcastic. If you're a fan of stuff like The Monorchid or Wrangler Brutes I could also see this really tickling your fancy.
Tags: 10s hardcore midwest punk ushc yoobl