The Mad: Mask 12"

Brain Transplant Records


Whoa, this is really cool! 3 tracks from an unreleased 1978 studio session by New York's The Mad pressed onto a one-sided, clear vinyl 12" with a screen printed b-side (a la the Yes LA compilation). There are four versions, all with different (and beautiful!) artwork by Screaming Mad George himself. The Mad released two incredibly rare 7"s that were comped on various Killed by Death compilations, but they're probably best known for their appearance on the seminal New York Thrash compilation tape (later released on LP). Despite the comp's name, they're not a thrash band at all... they played really raw, simple punk in the Killed by Death tradition, with gnarly vocals that sound distinctly Japanese (which makes sense, as that's where Screaming Mad George hails from). A very cool package all together with a great recording and absolutely top-notch packaging... this isn't likely to stick around for too long, so if it's still here and you want it I'd suggest jumping on it.

Note: this is a one-sided clear vinyl 12" with a screen print on the b-side (not a picture disc). There are 4 different designs (all drawings by Screaming Mad George), so you may not get the design pictured.
Tags: '77 & KBD 70s nyc punk reissues