The Mad: 1978 12"

Brain Transplant Records


Recently-recovered dead stock copies of this great collection of Mad recordings made in 1978, but released on vinyl for the first time in 1999 (hence the kind of atrocious, Photoshop travesty cover artwork). It doesn't say for sure in the liner notes (which, by the way, are a really cool 8"x8" booklet with tons of photos and killer flyers full of Screaming Mad George artwork), but it sounds like these are the recordings that yielded the classic "Eyeball" single; at the very least they sound great and were professionally recorded in an 8-track studio. You get 6 tracks here and while the two that made the cut for the single are undoubtedly the hits, they're all well worth hearing and serve as a great companion piece to the killer 1-sided 12" that Brain Transplant released a few months ago.

Tags: '77&KBD 70s punk reissues