The Jam: Setting Sons 12" (new)

Polydor Records


Setting Sons was originally conceived as a concept album that was never fully developed about old friends reunited after many years only to find they had nothing in common anymore. Brimming with brittle, white-knuckle rock music and muscular tracks boiling over with class hatred and spot-on insights into British life, Setting Sons was arguably The Jam's most thematically ambitious LP. Featuring a harder and grittier sound than its predecessor All Mod Cons, Setting Sons was recorded when Weller was only 21, with his songwriting showing an amazing level of maturity.

“Thick As Thieves,” “Wasteland,” “Burning Sky”: This idea may have seemed strange to the band’s hardcore fans, but had a precedent with some of Weller’s '60s heroes. Setting Sons took The Jam’s musical template and added a narrative depth and compositional daring which would take their art to a totally new level. The anti-war song “Little Boy Soldiers,” constructed in three parts, illustrates how the band were moving into a more experimental and ambitious style, while retaining the edge for which they were so famous. The album includes the U.K. hit single “The Eton Rifles” as well as Bruce Foxton’s tour-de-force, “Smithers-Jones.”
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