The Insults: Insult to Injury 12"

Brain Transplant Records


LP of unreleased material from this KBD punk band who is probably best known for their great track "Population Zero," which was comped on Killed by Death 8 1/2, one of the strongest entries in the series. "Population Zero" isn't on here (and, in fact, both of their 7"s have faithful recent reissues on Last Laugh Records), but you do get a whole LP's worth of unreleased tracks. I'm not sure if this was intended as an LP, but there's definitely a demo-type vibe to these recordings, as they feel a bit less fleshed-out than their officially released tracks, but this is still some pretty strong second-generation US punk. The influence of the '77 set is still apparent (in fact, you get covers of "White Riot" by the Clash and "Class War" by the Dils), and like the second-gen UK bands on labels like Riot City, Rondelet, and the like, there's something charmingly naive about the band's excitement about punk. I'd certainly check out the Last Laugh reissues first, but if you're a US punk archivist then these unreleased songs are definitely worth hearing.
Tags: '77&KBD punk reissues yoobl