The Gotobeds: Poor People Are Revolting 12"

12XU Records


Debut 12" from this Pittsburgh band featuring former members of Kim Phuc. Kim Phuc was a big, noisy, and nasty band, but Gotobeds are something completely different. I figure they must be named after the drummer from Wire, and indeed Wire seems like an obvious influence here. The music is upbeat, bouncy, melodic, and built around a guitar sound that's muscular but at the same time razor-thin and biting. Really, though, what the Gotobeds remind me of are Parquet Courts... like that band this kind of sounds like Pavement, Neu!, and Wire all thrown into a blender, sprinkled with a heavy dose of modern indie/punk sarcasm (see "New York's Alright if You Like Sex & Phones") and wrapped up in an aesthetic that almost blatantly bites the Fall circa Hex Enduction Hour and Room to Live. It remains to be seen if this has the staying power of Parquet Courts' Light Up Gold, but right now I'm enjoying this upbeat, melodic indie rock.

Tags: 10s garage indie melodic