The Floor Above: S/T cassette

Not Normal Records


Brand new 5-song tape from this mysterious band out of Nashville. I've carried their releases before, but their previous LP on Savage Quality seems really hard to get... I worked hard to get copies for the distro and never got a response from anyone, so I'm glad to check in on this band with these five tracks. Listening to them for the first time in a while, I'm reminded why people tend to be so passionate about them. This is a really special band, able to capture a combination of wildness and catchiness on tape that is extraordinarily rare. In particular, the Floor Above seem to have a bit of that magical "Rudimentary Peni factor;" in other words, the ability to write riffs that are off-kilter yet at the same time straightforward and catchy. These riffs make me uncomfortable... I find myself shifting around in my seat, looking for the rhythms that I can't precisely find. It's a hard thing to describe, but you know it when you hear it and the Floor Above definitely have it. A truly standout recording from a band that is well worth keeping a very, very close eye on.
Tags: 10s hardcore noisy primitive raw recommended