The Flex: Wild Stabs In The Dark 12" (new)

Milk Run Records


Well, if you live in the United States you probably saw this band sometime in the last 2 months with their tour mates Violent Reaction, but in case you didn't, here's the lowdown. Like their buddies in VxRx (and Tom from VxRx actually plays drums for the Flex), the Flex play a super catchy take on raw, early 80s USHC, but whereas Violent Reaction bring in the oi! influence to spice things up, the Flex tend to use the mosh as their main accent color. I'm usually not too into the whole "open up the pit" style of songwriting but 1. I don't think that the Flex really fit that mold, at least not fully, and 2. there's an undeniable catchiness to the Flex's breakdowns that most bands simply don't have. There's just a sense of swing to their riffs... even though they have the tempo and texture of modern hardcore in places, they have whatever indefinable sense of swing and timing as classic punk or even just good rock and roll. Really, if you want to listen to fast hardcore with big mosh breaks, there is not a single band in the world doing it better, so I'd highly recommend picking this up.

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