The Flex: Don't Bother with the Outside World 7"

Lockin' Out Records


There is no question that the UK is outputting some of the finest hardcore right now. At the forefront of this NWOBHC renaissance is the wolf pack from Leeds, The Flex. With a sound that invokes DYS birthed in the gutters of New York in 1986, Don’t Bother With The Outside World sees The Flex rip through six ferociously violent tracks of pure hardcore aggression. Their Lockin' Out debut.

Our take: Latest release from these leaders of the NWOBHC movement. Man, is there a band on earth better at writing catchy as hell mosh breaks than the Flex? If there is, then I haven't heard them. If this band weren't this good, I probably wouldn't like them at all; I mean, I really have no kind of existing attachment to this style of slightly metallic, mosh-y hardcore, but the Flex are just so damn good at it that they win me over. Don't Bother with the Outside World does sound a hair different than their other releases... maybe a touch more metallic, and the vocals are even gnarlier than they have been in the past. But the core of the band's sound--and the reason you'll fall in love with them--is those absolutely crushing mid-paced riffs that are the centerpiece of most of their songs. The Flex continue to invent new, surprising, and exciting ways to enter into and exit from those riffs, which never fail to hit you like a punch in the stomach. It's kind of amazing that a band can sound this immediate and powerful without really sounding like a retread of anything that's come before. Quite simply one of the best hardcore bands going, and if you are not currently in mosh retirement--even if it's only bedroom or car moshing--you need this one.
Tags: 10s hardcore mosh recommended sxe UK