The Fall: Schtick: Yarbles Revisited 12" (new)

Beggar's Banquet Records


Available for the first time on vinyl, this collection compiles the singles released around This Nation’s Saving Grace and includes 5 tracks from the bands’ 1985 BBC Peel sessions. Also included is the track “Ma Riley” which made its debut on the CD box set in 2011.

Our take: Another collection of b-sides and ephemera from the Fall, this time for the period surrounding This Nation's Saving Grace, one of my absolute favorite Fall LPs. Some of the Fall's LPs can seem a little bit undercooked and kind of tossed-off (though usually still great); TNSG is not one of those LPs. It feels like a record the band put everything they had into, and consequently there doesn't seem to be as many leftover tracks as there were for some of the LPs before and after. You do get a couple of strong b-sides like "Rollin' Dany," "Petty (Thief) Lout" (which I know pretty well already from the CD version of TNSG), and "Ma Rley," and then the centerpiece is taken up with a Peel Session comprised solely of songs of of TNSG. Of course I already had this in the Complete Peel Sessions box set, but it's nice to have these tracks on vinyl. It's always interesting listening to the Fall's Peel Sessions in relation to the LP versions as they're always fairly different. This particular session shows that TNSG was a particularly well-rehearsed record as the band are coming with straight fire, and the versions here are, if anything, even faster and more intense than the versions on the LP. Perhaps not as essential as The Wonderful and Frightening Escape Route to the Fall, but still a fascinating view into the golden era of this endlessly fascinating band.
Tags: 80s melodic post-punk reissues