The Exploited: Troops of Tomorrow 12"

Grand Slam Records


“Troops of Tomorrow” is one of the landmark punk albums to come from Britain. This album is connected to the Exploited possibly more than any other. It may not have the hooks of the Damned or the clever lyrics of the Sex Pistols, but work on an entirely different level. These songs are from the gut, and honestly, they were just following in the footsteps of American punk, which had thrown cleverness out the window from the get-go. The thrashing guitars and chugging riffs would go on to influence countless bands, from like-minded American artists like SOD and Agnostic Front to fellow British hardcore heroes Discharge. The lyrics are mostly just politically inspired chanting, but the music laid the groundwork for most of the hardcore and metal that followed. This is a classic of the genre that has held up well through the years.
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