The Door & The Window: Detailed Twang 12"

Overground Records


Originally inspired by both the DIY ethic of the punk movement and the likes of Throbbing Gristle and File Under Pop, two friends Nag and Bendle decided to form The Door And The Window in March ’79. Lacking any musical experience, the first thing they did was to book a gig, then set off to a rehearsal studio to record their first single on a cassette recorder. 1980 saw the release of the album ‘Detailed Twang’ which sold 2000 copies at the ridiculously cheap price of £3.00, before the band split up in the summer of ’81, although they’ve reformed on an occasional basis to experiment with new ideas. The LP replicates the original album but with the bonus of an inner bag featuring a detailed band history and rare photos, limited to just 500 copies making rarer than the highly collectable original!

Our take: Retrospective from this UKDIY / post-punk combo that existed for a brief span around 1980 and even included Mark Perry of Alternative TV / Sniffin' Glue fanzine as a member. If you're into the minimal yet shambolic sound of UKDIY... anything from the Desperate Bicycles to the Cleaners from Venus to the Astronauts to Television Personalities (whom the Door and the Window actually cover, with an insanely minimal, vocal-and-drums version of "Part Time Punks"), then you'll definitely be able to kill some time with this one. The Door and the Window's predilections for minimalism and repetition also liken them somewhat to the earliest recordings from the Fall (and the synth sound they employ sounds like the same one as the Fall, actually), but this band's musical DNA seems much more akin to the slightly more avant garde take on UKDIY of the Astronauts and their ilk. I mean, when you get down to it this is some of the most annoying music ever made (it's sort of like free jazz as approximated by pretentious teenagers), but if you like any of the bands mentioned above I can tell you that you'll be on board aesthetically and you'll quite enjoy listening to this little collection. Includes detailed liner notes as well, which is always a welcome addition with collections of bands like this whom I don't know very well at all.
Tags: 70s 80s melodic post-punk reissues uk ukdiy