The Brood: October Dreams cassette

Self Released


Latest 7-song cassette from this Philadelphia hardcore band.

Our take: Latest cassette from this Philly band, and with eight tracks and a really strong recording it feels more like a full-length than some sort of stop-gap release. The Brood have developed a very interesting sound over the past few years. As was the case on their 7", the burly vocals and heavy bottom end remind me of Wasted Time, but there are also nods to Swedish-style d-beat a la Totalitär as well as the slightly more technical but still USHC-rooted sound of Sickoids (there's even a part that seems directly lifted from a Sickoids song, though maybe it's just coincidence... and admittedly I think that Sickoids lifted said part from the Necros!), as well as some tastefully melodic lead guitar here and there that really makes these songs stick to your ribs that much harder. Without clearly latching onto any particular trend, there's a real "meat and potatoes" quality about October Dreams that I really like... it reminds me of records like Christ on Parade's Sounds of Nature or Final Conflict's Ashes to Ashes in the way that it just pounds out the heavy, catchy hardcore without any pretense or bullshit. If that sounds like it's up your alley then I highly encourage you to check this out.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended