The Achtungs: S/T 7"

Ken Rock Records

$4.00 $8.00

Holy sauna! This is hot 3 track that blow away the shoes the socks the pants the hair all over the body, amazing band amazing record,, coms on colored or black vinyl…

Our take: Brand new 3-song single from this Finnish band who have had a slew of releases over the past couple of years. I imagine their output has probably been more than some people are willing to keep up with, but it seems to me like the Achtungs have always paid special attention to the a-sides of their singles and this is no exception. "Lies Again" is a total catchy banger, up there with "Full of Hate" as one of the band's best songs. As with their other singles, they have the noisy, trashy early 80s Europunk production perfectly dialed in, and the singer has that utterly distinctive, great punk voice. Press it up on some very attractive pink vinyl and you have a single worth owning.
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