The Achtungs: Full of Hate 7"

Total Punk Records


After an absolutely brilliant debut EP on Going Underground Records, Finland's Achtungs are back with two more songs of their ridiculously authentic-sounding first-wave Euro punk, this time on the revered Total Punk label. The a-side here, "Full of Hate," sounds even more like Ivy Green than the songs on their first EP, and that's saying something... it's clearly a "hit," totally a song deserving of a-side single status. The b-side slows things down just a little bit to a kind of Static Age-like rhythm, and it also rules. Man, this band is almost too good... if you like anything from Ivy Green and Lost Kids to GG Allin or the early Misfits get this... highly recommended.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s finland garage raw recommended scandinavia