The Achtungs: Full of Hate 12" (new)

Going Underground Records


After a couple of 7"s on Going Underground and Total Punk, here's the third record in the past few months from Finland's Achtungs. Coming so quickly together it should hardly be surprising that all three records are kind of of a piece, but I'm not complaining because what a piece it is! In case you missed my descriptions of the past two records, the Achtungs play early Europunk to a T... if you know that style at all you'll immediately be reminded of bands like Ivy Green, Lost Kids, Ebba Gron, and legions more comped onto records like Killed by Death and Bloodstains. The production sounds totally vintage, and like the best of those bands the Achtungs have songs for miles... while the album spreads out a little bit with some more varied tempos and a bit more lead guitar, this is a band that just cranks out punk hit after punk hit, bathes it in fuzz and sends it out into the world. What more could you possibly want?

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s finland garage melodic punk recommended scandinavia