Terveet Kadet: Piinaavanautinto 7"

SPHC Records


Brand new EP from this long-running Finnish HC band who recently toured the USA. I got to see them a few times this past summer, and I had trouble making up my mind about what I thought... it didn't help that my friends were super split on their opinions, with some people proclaiming it incredible and others thinking it really sucked. Anyway, I'm super into this recorded document. It has a very Japanese sound, reminding me quite a bit of Gauze and Systematic Death. Like those bands, the music is built around really strange, awkward and unexpected changes, but the parts that are used to build these complex songs are quite simple and extremely catchy punk. If you dug the recent releases by Gauze, Systema as well as veteran Euro punk like Seein' Red, this is well worth a listen. SPHC Records

Tags: 10s finland Scandinavia