Tercer Mundo: Ser Nosotros Mismos 12"

SPHC Records


Hotly-anticipated debut 12" from this great Mexican band, released on the impeccable Cintas Pepe label and distributed in the US by SPHC. Typically, when one thinks of Mexican punk the words "raw" and "ramshackle" spring to mind, but not so with this LP... this is a tightly-played, powerfully-recorded hardcore punk record, which makes sense as main man Dave Rata has put together quite the punk resume over the past few years. I'm hard-pressed to make any band comparisons here because unlike so many first world bands that are obsessed with fitting the mold of a particular sub-sub-genre, Tercer Mundo just sound heavy and raging in a very classically punk way. It's not as weird as the Dave Rata solo record, not as "garage" or as catchy as the Ratas del Vaticano stuff, but there are elements of both of those... unfortunately I can't seem to find anything else to say other than get this, because it's bound to sell out extremely quickly and end up on a whole lot of "Best of 2014" lists.

Tags: 10s hardcore latin america mexico raw recommended spanish-language