Tenement: The Self-Titled Album 12" (new)

Forward Records


Brand new LP from the mighty Tenement, following up their incredible Predatory Headlights record from last year.

Our take: If I remember correctly it's barely been a year since Tenement's monumental Predatory Headlights LP came out, but the onslaught of new Tenement material continues to come fast and furious. Predatory Headlights felt like a kind of punctuation at the end of a sentence that was the second, post-Napalm Dream era of Tenement's run as a band. It was also, I think it's safe to say, aggressively disorienting, hopping wildly between genres and containing longer songs that, if they weren't designed to try the attention of your average punker, accomplished it nonetheless. The Self-Titled Album also feels kind of disorienting, but with a considerably shorter running length it at least gives off the surface impression of being more digestible. I mean, Tenement still fly willy-nilly across subgenre barriers... the first track is this skittering, off-beat punk song that wouldn't have been out of place on one of their earlier records (or on an ALL record for that matter), but from there all bets are off. They dabble in country, soul, and big classic rock hooks, all of it delivered with a punk-ish density (though there are, some will be happy to know, no free jazz or musique concrete odysseys this time around). If you never liked Tenement before, I doubt that The Self-Titled Album is going to be the record that flips you since the rather slick production and Amos's distinctive singing style style still fly in the face of punk's cult of lo-fi. However, if you're a Tenement fan (particularly of their post-Napalm Dream material), this is an essential record, more immediate and, in a way at least, even more adventurous and free than Predatory Headlights.
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