Tenement: Napalm Dream 12"

Mandible Records


Debut 12" of top-shelf pop-punk from this Wisconsin combo. These guys earlier 7"s were pretty much top of the heap as far as Screeching Weasel-esque pop punk goes, taking the darker sound of albums like Anthem for a New Tomorrow rather than the more Ramones-inspired stuff most pop-punkers tend to emulate. This LP finds them moving forward, though, with all kinds of different songs. There are still the pop-punk bangers, but there are also weird, jammy freakouts, and more indie-sounding stuff that reminds me a little bit of early Pavement. I've been waiting for this Lp for a long time and it definitely satisfies... if you're into pop-punk at all in 2011 you should be buying everything this band releases. Mandible Records

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